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Liquids purchased at duty-free shops

All liquids to be brought into the aircraft cabin, including those bought at airport duty-free shops, must be shown at security check in EU countries. Besides EU member states, the new regulation is also applied in Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

Flights within the EU

At some airports (not in Finland) some duty-free shops are located at the airside area, where only passengers with flight ticket are allowed but which is located before the security check point.

If you buy liquid products from duty-free shops located before security check, the vendor must pack the liquids into a sealed plastic bag. Be prepared to show the liquids and the receipt at security check.

At security check, the passenger must show the sealed and unopened bag together with a receipt on the articles bought. Some shops may also deliver the products to the customer only after security check.

From those duty-free shops located at the airport after security check, liquid products can be purchased freely.

Flights from outside the EU

If the journey is not continued on another flight within EU, liquid duty-free products can be bought freely.

If the journey is continued on another flight within EU, you must go through security check when changing aeroplane. At that point, the new regulation is applied, which means that liquids may only be taken into the cabin in containers of not more than 100 ml, and they must fit into a 1-litre bag.

Consequently, any liquid items purchased at airport duty-free shops outside EU cannot be brought into the cabin, but must be packed into hold baggage. If you are flying with a non-EU airline, liquid duty-free products may not be bought during the flight either.

On flights of EU airlines, however, liquid duty-free items can be purchased in flight, provided that the liquids are packed into a plastic bag and sealed. At security check for the connecting flight, the sealed and unopened bag must be shown together with a receipt on the purchased items.

More information also in English on EU's website.