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Liquids as hand baggage

You may bring liquids into the cabin with you, but there are certain restrictions. Please pack the liquids in advance as instructed. Be ready to show all liquids you intend to take on board at security check.

Each passenger may carry a limited amount of liquids as hand baggage, provided that:
- the liquids are packed in containers of not more than 100 ml
- all the containers are packed and fit into one plastic bag of a
maximum size of 1 l.

The bag must be transparent and resealable (e.g. a freezer bag (Minigrip) or transparent toilet bag).

Restrictions do not apply to the following liquids

Passengers may, under certain conditions, bring on board larger amounts of liquids which are absolutely needed during the journey.

In general, only liquids needed during the flight are allowed. However, if the journey includes several changes of aircraft where the baggage may be delayed, or if it is not sure whether the medicine is available at the destination, you may take on board the amount of medicine or other vital liquid needed during the whole journey.

Be ready to show all liquids at security check. To facilitate security checking, please pack all liquids and associated prescriptions or doctor’s orders into a separate bag and show the bag at the security check point.

For example the following liquids are allowed into the cabin:
- baby food and/or milk for use during the flight
- prescription medicines needed during the journey
- other liquids needed during the journey on doctor’s order
- liquids for persons needing a special diet.

Authenticity of the medicine or baby food/milk must be proved at security check if requested.