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Restrictions on hand baggage size

These restrictions enter into force on 6 May 2008

The maximum size of hand baggage is restricted to 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm. This means the outside dimensions of the bag, including pockets, wheels and handles. Airlines may also have even stricter requirements.

If you want to take with you into the cabin a larger item, which is very valuable or breaks easily (e.g. a musical instrument), you can present the item at check-in and ask for permission to carry it as hand baggage.

If the item is accepted as hand baggage at check-in, it will be marked accordingly and the passenger must present the object as oversized baggage at security check. Oversized baggage is always examined manually - please reserve enough time for security check.

Earlier restrictions on items allowed into the cabin are also still in force. Please see the list here.