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PIK-20 support

The PIK-20 support gathers all service and maintenance instructions for PIK-20 sailplanes
and powered sailplanes on one website. It contains all airworthiness directives, Service
Bulletins, manuals, other instructions and a list of drawings of PIK-20 aircraft.

More information and individual advice can be obtained from the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority’s Sport Aviation Unit by the contact form.

Airworthiness directives and Service Bulletins

Airworthiness directives and Service Bulletins for PIK-20 gliders

Manuals and other instructions

PIK-20: Flight Manual and Service Manual (pdf)

PIK-20B: Flight and Service Manual (pdf)

PIK-20D: Flight Manual (pdf)
PIK-20D: Service Manual (pdf)
PIK-20D: Reparaturhandbuch (pdf)

PIK-20E: Flight Manual (pdf)
PIK-20E: Service Manual (pdf)
PIK-20E: Repair Manual / Reparaturhandbuch (pdf)
PIK-20E: Strength calculations
PIK-20E: Other instructions (in Finnish)

List of drawings

PIK-20 and PIK-20B

Parts catalogue and related drawings

PIK-20 and PIK-20B