AircraftRegistration and changes in register

Aircraft registration and changes in register information

Registration is a precondition for using an aircraft for aviation. Provisions on aircraft
registration, nationality and markings are given in the Aviation Act. Specific rules on
registration are also contained in Aviation Regulation GEN M1-5 (pdf, in Finnish). The
register shows the aircraft owner, possessor, operator, and details of the aircraft.
Moreover, any mortgages granted on the aircraft as well as their renewal, cancellation
and changes in priority order are entered in aircraft register.

An application for aircraft registration can be made on a form (pdf, in Finnish) issued by the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority. All items of the form must be completed. The same form can be used to notify a change of owner.

The following documents should be enclosed:
- bill of purchase or other document of title
- any previous certificate of registration, an attestation or notification of removal from register by a foreign authority or an attestation that the aircraft is not registered in the country of manufacture
- power of attorney, if applicable, or other document indicating right of ownership and right of signature.

The documents are subject to a charge. The processing time is approximately one week.