AircraftRegistration and changes in registerAircraft mortgaging

Grant, renewal or discharge of mortgages on aircraft

An aircraft can be mortgaged and used as security for a debt. The promissory notes for
aircraft mortgages are bearer bonds or promissory notes made out to order. The
mortgage must be sought in writing.

An application for mortgage (pdf, in Finnish) must specify the object of mortgage and that claim or
claims, as a sum of money, for the security of which the mortgage is to be granted. The application must
also show the principal, interest and any costs of renewal or collection. With the application must be enclosed the promissory note(s) and their certified copies, as well as relevant information about the mortgage seeker, any authorization, protocol or equivalent. More detailed instructions for seeking mortgage are given in Publication series -L, bulletin 3/2003 (pdf, available only in Finnish).

When renewing or discharging a mortgage, the original certificates in which the attestation of mortgage has been made must be enclosed with the application form. The mortgage seeker receives from the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority an attestation, which is marked on the promissory note and in the aircraft register as a register entry. The processing time is about two weeks.

The promissory note(s) are returned and abstracts of title are either sent to the customer by cash-on-delivery, or can be collected from the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority’s customer service point (Ilmailutie 9, Vantaa). The documents are subject to a charge.