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Air Operator Certificates

An air operator certificate issued by the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority is required for
all commercial flight operations in Finland. According to an international definition,
commercial flight operations are considered to include commercial air transportation
and any other use of an aircraft for remuneration. Examples of such operations are
aerial work and aircraft hire. Commercial air transportation means the carriage of
passengers or cargo by air for a charge or other compensation. Sight-seeing flights are
also regarded as commercial air transportation.

Further information and guidance on applying for an air operator certificate can be obtained by e-mail:

National Air Operator Certificate

A national Air Operator Certificate (AOC) entitles its holder to carry out e.g. aerial work for remuneration, but does not give the right for commercial air transportation (except with performance class B aeroplanes - this is an exemption from JAR-OPS requirements contained in the Finnish aviation regulation OPS M3-14 (pdf, in Finnish)).

A Finnish national Air Operator Certificate can only be issued to a legal person from a European Economic Area state, whose registered office and principal place of business are in Finland, or to an EEA citizen living in Finland. Detailed instructions on applying for a national AOC are given in aviation regulation
OPS M3-1 (pdf, in Finnish).

JAR-OPS Air Operator Certificate

An air operator certificate in accordance with JAR-OPS, i.e. JAR-AOC, is required for commercial air transport using aeroplanes or helicopters, except for performance class B aeroplanes as mentioned above.

Instructions on applying for the JAR-AOC and a list of documents to be attached to the application are contained in JAR-OPS 1.185 for aeroplane operators and in JAR-OPS 3.185 for helicopter operators. These requirements are available in English on the JAA website.