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Medical Certificate

An aviation licence and medical certificate together give the right to act as a pilot, air
traffic controller or AFIS (Aerodrome Flight Information Service) officer. The holder of a
medical certificate must be mentally and physically fit to exercise safely the privileges of
the applicable licence.

Contact details:
Finnish Civil Aviation Authority
Aeromedical Section (AMS)
P.O.Box 186, FIN-01531 VANTAA

Tel: +358-9-4250 2450 (9-15)
Fax: +358-9-4250 2093


Medical certificates are issued, renewed and revalidated in accordance with Aviation Regulation PEL M4-1 published by the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority, and the medical requirements contained in Joint Aviation Requirements for Flight Crew Licensing, Part 3 (JAR-FCL 3).

Medical certificates issued in accordance with JAR-FCL 3 are divided into two classes, of which Class 1 is for professional pilots and Class 2 for private pilots. Finnish authorities also require a medical certificate for air traffic controllers, Class 3. The medical certificate for sport aviators, i.e. glider, motorglider, ultralight, autogiro and balloon pilots, is Class 4. To obtain a medical certificate, the applicant must pass an aeromedical examination and meet the medical requirements applicable to the licence sought.

In Finland, the network of aviation medical examiners consists of one aeromedical centre (AMC) and almost 60 authorised medical examiners (AME) throughout the country. The aeromedical centre is the Central Military Hospital, Research Institute of Military Medicine, Department of Aviation Medicine, located in Helsinki. The AMC is charged with certain examinations, such as initial aeromedical examinations for professional pilots. There are two classes of authorised medical examiners: Class 1 and Class 2. Class 1 AMEs may examine licence holders at all levels. Class 2 AMEs are only authorised to carry out medical examinations for the renewal or revalidation of medical certificates for air traffic controllers, AFIS officers and sport aviators.

The aeromedical centre or authorised medical examiner sends the original medical examination report, together with an application for medical certificate completed by the applicant, directly to the Aeromedical Section of the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority. If the applicant fulfils the relevant medical requirements, the AMS then issues a medical certificate on the basis of the report. A fee is charged for the medical certificate.