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Current state of health affects medical fitness

The Aeromedical Section of the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority must be informed in
writing without delay in case of illness, pregnancy or injury.

The holder of a medical certificate is responsible for safe operation of the aircraft. Medical fitness is an essential part of that safety. If the medical certificate holder is aware that his/her medical fitness has decreased so that he/she may be unable to meet the safety requirements, the privileges of the licence or associated ratings must not be exercised.

The holder of a medical certificate must, without undue delay, seek the advice of an authorised medical examiner, an aeromedical centre or the Aeromedical Section when knowing that his/her medical fitness will decrease or has already decreased. Examples of situations in which further advice must be sought are hospital or clinic admission for more than 12 hours, surgical operation, regular use of medication and/or need for regular use of correcting lenses.

The Aeromedical Section must be informed in writing, if the medical certificate holder is unable to function as a flight crew member due to an injury, an illness lasting for 21 days or longer, or is pregnant. The medical certificate is deemed to be suspended when the injury has occurred, the pregnancy has been confirmed or the illness has lasted for three weeks as mentioned above. The suspension may only be lifted by the Aeromedical Section.

If the medical certificate has been suspended because of pregnancy, the suspension will cease when the holder has been medically examined as required by the Aeromedical Section after the pregnancy has ended, and pronounced fit to resume her functions as a flight crew member. However, pregnancy will not prevent flying altogether, since the authority may lift the suspension for such period and subject to such conditions as it thinks fit.