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Consequences and sanctions for aviation violations

After a violation against aviation regulations has been detected, the Finnish Civil Aviation
Authority determines the severity of the violation. The consequences or sanctions for
the act are different depending on its nature. The most common consequence is a letter
of correction.

Theoretical examination and proficiency check the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority may require the licence holder to retake a theoretical knowledge examination or proficiency check to detect any gaps in his/her knowledge or skill. If the violation was caused by ignorance or lack of skill, the aviator must receive additional training.

Letter of correction

If the examination of the case shows that no aviation regulations were offended or if all necessary information cannot be obtained, the issue will not proceed further. The same applies when a violation has actually been committed, but it is found to have been due to e.g. forgivable oversight. If the person concerned has been asked to provide an explanation in the matter, he/she will also be informed that the case will not be examined further. In case of minor violations, the licence holder usually receives an admonition, and possibly some advice to be followed in similar operations in the future.

A letter of correction is the most common consequence for an aviation violation. It is only intended for guidance, and is not regarded as an official decision or sanction which could be appealed to administrative authorities. However, if the person concerned still sees that he/she has fully complied with aviation regulations, the case will proceed with the hearings, decisions and instructions for appeal as explained below.

Warning notice and revocation of licence

If the investigation shows that aviation regulations have apparently been violated, and the violations have been so severe or frequent that the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority has reasonable cause to impose a sanction, the case will proceed further. Possible sanctions to the licence holder are revocation of the licence or issue of a warning notice. These sanctions are prescribed in Section 27 and 28 of the Aviation Act (281/1995). As to the aviation organisation, the authority may revoke or limit its operator certificate or approval. Changes of responsible persons may also be required.


Warning notices are issued and licences revoked rather seldom. There are only a few such cases each year. Revocations of licences and operator certificates are decided upon by a Licensing Board set up by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which has members both from the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority and outside it. The person concerned will be informed of the decision by mail, with an advice of receipt. The decision always includes detailed instructions for appeal. In case the person is not satisfied with the decision, he/she may appeal it to the administrative court of his/her home district. The administrative court’s decision may be further appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court.