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Crew Member Certificate

A Crew Member Certificate (CMC) is issued to airline pilots and cabin crew to facilitate
their movement at ICAO member states’ airports. The CMC card is used instead of a
passport or visa for this purpose. The requirement for CMC is contained in ICAO
Annex 9, Chapter 3.

The CMC card is always bound to a specific airline. The card can also be issued to a person working in an aircraft registered in another state.

In Finland, airlines must submit their CMC applications to the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority, including the necessary identification documents unless the applicant already holds a licence issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.

About 150-200 CMC cards are issued each year in Finland, of which approximately 60% are renewals of existing cards. The card will be renewed in case the old card is worn out or lost, if the photo in the card is too old or too worn, or if the details on the card have changed.