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Approvals for dangerous goods transport

The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority issues three types of approvals for dangerous goods

transport. First, an approval is required for the transport of dangerous goods as air cargo,
and second, for the training of personnel associated with dangerous goods. The third type
of approvals consists of various exemptions, which are granted case by case according
to strict criteria.

Dangerous goods are divided into nine classes according to their properties. The classes are: 1 explosives, 2 gases, 3 flammable liquids, 4 flammable solids and substances liable to spontaneous combustion, 5 oxidizing substances and organic peroxides, 6 toxic and infectious substances, 7 radioactive material, 8 corrosive substances, and 9 miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles.

The classes of dangerous goods and their descriptions can be found e.g. on the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority’s website for passengers in Security guidelines. The security guidelines also provide further information on restrictions concerning the carriage of dangerous goods by passengers as hand baggage or on their person.