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Theoretical knowledge examinations

To ensure an adequate level of knowledge, the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority requires
all applicants for a pilot licence to take a theoretical knowledge examination. The
applicant must attend the examination after having satisfactorily completed the required
theoretical instruction. To obtain a licence, both a skill test and a theoretical knowledge
examination must be passed. Instructions on how to enter for an examination,
examination dates and other details are given in Advisory Circular PEL T1-5
(pdf, in Finnish).

When the applicant has completed the required minimum number of hours of theoretical knowledge instruction and passed the progress tests arranged by the training organisation, the instructor will enter the applicant for the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority’s examination. Only when renewing an expired licence, the applicant must enter for the examinations himself/herself. More information on renewal of an expired licence or rating can be found in the Finnish Aviation Regulation PEL M1-5 (pdf, in Finnish).

Entry for a theoretical knowledge examination must be made at least two weeks before the intended date of examination, using a form (pdf, in Finnish) provided by the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority. The entry can be sent either by mail, fax or e-mail. Renewal examinations must be entered for not later than one week before the examination date. The entries will not be confirmed.

The theoretical knowledge examination aims at testing whether the applicant’s knowledge level is sufficient for safe aviation. JAR-FCL determines what must be taught on a theoretical instruction course, and the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority’s examinations ensure that the required issues have been taught and learned on the course. The questions are in multiple choice format.

When attending a theoretical knowledge examination, the applicant must carry his/her licence, identification card and a certificate from the training organisation attesting that the progress tests have been satisfactorily completed. The documents will be checked before the examination starts. The applicant must also bring a navigation plotter, manual flight computer and dividers, if he/she wishes to use them in the examination.

More detailed instructions will be given by the supervisor at the beginning of the examination. Careful preparation and instruction received from the training organisation will give sufficient proficiency for passing the examination.

Examinations are arranged at the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority head office (Ilmailutie 9, Vantaa) and at Jyväskylä and Oulu airports. Entries for examinations held at the airports must be made at least one month before the intended date of examination to the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority. It is recommended to mention the requested examination date when entering.

A certificate of completion will be mailed as soon as possible after the examination.

Contact details:

Finnish Civil Aviation Authority
Training and Licensing Section
P.O.Box 186, FIN-01531 VANTAA, FINLAND
fax: +358-(0)9-4250 2498