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Exemptions and special approvals

The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority may grant various exemptions, operational
approvals, and permissions for special aerial work operations.

Exemptions The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority may grant exemptions from Finnish aviation regulations
or Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR). The exemptions are temporary, and they can only be issued if the authority is satisfied that there is a need. The person or company granted with an exemption must comply with any supplementary conditions that the authority considers necessary to ensure an acceptable level of safety in each particular case.

Operational approvals

An operational approval entitles its holder to carry out specific flight operations, such as to fly within certain zones or on some special routes. The approvals can be based either on national aviation regulations or JARs. An approval usually requires that the aircraft and equipment used for the operations meet certain requirements, appropriate instructions are provided and the staff receives proper training.

Examples on operational approvals are:
- approvals of low visibility operations, i.e. CAT II and CAT III, Low Visibility Take Off (LVTO);
- approvals related to navigation accuracy, i.e. Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (MNPS), Required Navigation Performance (RNP) and Area Navigation (RNAV);
- RVSM approval (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum);
- ETOPS approval (Extended Range Operations with Two-engined Aeroplanes);
- approvals for dangerous goods transport.

Permissions for special aerial work operations

Special aerial work operations require permission from the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority, even if they are not conducted for remuneration. On the other hand, an Air Operator Certificate holder is not required to have a separate permission, if the privilege to carry out these operations is included in the AOC. Aviation regulation OPS M1-23 (pdf, in Finnish) defines the operations for which a special permission is needed, and contains detailed instructions for application.