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Aviation legislation in Finland

The regulations and instructions issued by the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority, as
well as oversight and other regulatory activities, are based on the Finnish Aviation
Act, ICAO Convention and its Annexes, European Union regulations, Joint Aviation
Requirements (JAR) and Eurocontrol instructions and regulations. The Finnish Civil
Aviation Authority complies with international standards. International regulations
are usually brought into force in Finland through a national aviation regulation, unless
the regulation is directly binding. Strictly national standards are only issued when no
international regulations exist on the subject, or they are not appropriate to the
circumstances in Finland. The series of Finnish Aviation Regulations can be ordered
from the Civil Aviation Authority (mostly available only in Finnish). This page contains
links to aviation regulations and other related standards.

Finnish aviation regulations

Finnish aviation regulations and JAA requirements (in Finnish)
Finnish aviation legislation

Finnish airworhiness directives

European aviation regulations


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Other international aviation regulations

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