Flight operationsFlight operations oversight

Flight operations oversight

Supervision of flight operations is one of the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority’s duties.

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Flight operations inspectors are tasked with ensuring that air operators meet the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority’s requirements. The operators are supervised e.g. by inspection and approval of their Operations Manuals, minimum equipment lists, performance calculations and recurrent training programmes. Issuing various certificates and permits is also one form of flight operations oversight.

These include Air Operator Certificates and permissions for special aerial work operations, as well as approvals of airshows, flying contests, minimum flight altitudes, weather minima, and cockpit, approach and flight procedures. Flight operations are also monitored by evaluating the financial status of operating licence holders and applicants.

Flight operations inspectors also work in the field: they perform flight operations inspections, en-route inspections and ramp checks, and provide flight safety and JAR-OPS training to commercial operators and aviation organisations.