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International co-operation

EASA - European Aviation Safety Agency

Together with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority is
actively involved in the preparations within the EU for the establishment of a Community aviation
safety body, named the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). For instance, we have produced
written statements and participated in the Working Party on Aviation set up under the Council of the European Union.

JAA - Joint Aviation Authorities

While the preparations for EASA go on in the EU, European aviation safety authorities have continued their co-operation within the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA). This work, started as early as in the 1970’s, has resulted in the adoption of several Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR) in the fields of airworthiness, maintenance, flight operations and licensing. The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority has been an active participant in different JAA bodies, committees and working groups.

Eurocontrol SRC - Co-operation in air navigation services

On January 1, 2001, Finland became the 30th member state of Eurocontrol, which now encompasses all 15 states of the European Union. Eurocontrol’s Safety Regulations Commission (SRC) is tasked with developing and co-ordinating safety regulatory functions and producing recommendations for harmonised requirements in the field of air navigation. The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority also participates in the work and development of the SRC.