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Investigation of offences and violations

Violations against aviation regulations and more severe offences require different
investigation procedures. In criminal investigations related to aviation, the Flinnish
Civil Aviation Authority acts as an expert providing assistance to other authorities,
e.g. in the form of expert opinions.

Sometimes the investigation of an aviation violation reveals such severe offences that the issue is
submitted to police investigation and then forwarded to the prosecutor and eventual court proceedings. Section 89 of the Aviation Act contains a list of those violations for which a person can be sentenced to a fine by a common lower court. The most severe violations may also constitute an offence in accordance with Section 23 of the Criminal Act (545/1999), endangerment of traffic safety, for which the maximum sentence is two years in prison.

When an aviation-related offence is considered in a lower court, the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority is heard as an expert both before deciding about prosecution and when the case is discussed in the local court.

Other persons than pilot licence holders may also break the law in aviation. A typical example of an aviation-related offence is disruptive passenger behaviour in flight. For these cases, charges tend to be raised more easily than before, which is partly due to an increased general interest in the safety of air travel.