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Finland has JAA approval

The standardization committee of the joint European aviation authority JAA has
declared that the Flight Safety Authority of Finland operates well within JAR-FCL
requirements. In a letter of August 28th 2001, the JAA Licensing Division recommended
to JAA member states that Finnish licences, airworthiness certificates, authorizations,
permits and approvals receive common recognition.

The JAA’s LIST and MEST standardization committees have inspected Finnish

- Finnish Civil Aviation Authority licensing activities
- implementation of joint European JAR-FCL aviation requirements in practice
- Joint Implementation Procedures.

The JAA Licensing Division accepted the statements provided by the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority and its revisions to those measures which had shown slight deviations during the inspection, and confirmed that Finland grants licences, certificates of airworthiness, authorizations, permits and certificates of approval in the manner required by JAR-FCL 1.015(a)(1) and 3.015(a)(1) rules.