Training and licensingLicences

Pilot licences

The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority’s Training and Licensing Section issues the following
types of licences:

Student pilot licence

A student pilot licence is required for commencing basic flying training. Application for a student pilot
licence must be submitted by the training organisation and the student pilot together. Further information
can be obtained from training organisations.

Private pilot licence

A private pilot course can be undertaken at a flying club or training organisation holding a training approval for this purpose. After the course, the applicant must pass a theoretical knowledge examination and skill test organised by the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority. When the applicant has satisfactorily completed both tests, the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority issues a private pilot licence.

A private pilot licence entitles its holder to fly alone or e.g. with friends, without taking any remuneration from the passengers. The costs of the flight can, however, be shared. A private pilot licence does not allow flying against remuneration.

The abbreviation for private pilot licence is PPL, (A)/(H). The letter A signifies that the licence holder has the right for private flying with aeroplanes, and the letter H with helicopters.

Commercial pilot licence

The abbreviation for commercial pilot licence is CPL, (A)/(H). The holder of a commercial pilot licence is entitled to fly for commercial purposes. A CPL holder working for a commercial operator may therefore transport people or goods against remuneration. A CPL holder has the right to act as pilot-in-command in such aircraft for which a single-pilot crew is required according to the Flight Manual. In those aircraft for which more than one pilot is required in the Flight Manual or for a specific type of operations, a CPL holder may act as co-pilot.

Airline transport pilot licence

The abbreviation for airline transport pilot licence is ATPL(A)/(H). The holder of an airline transport pilot licence is entitled to act as pilot-in-command in multi-pilot aircraft.

Sport aviation licences

Sport aviation licences include the Glider Pilot Licence (GPL), Motor Glider Pilot Licence (MGPL), Ultralight Pilot Licence (UPL), Autogiro Pilot Licence (APL), and Balloon Pilot Licence (BPL). These licences are intended for recreational flying. Similarly to the private pilot licence, sport aviation licences may not be used for commercial operations. Sport aviation licences can be obtained from a flying club holding a training approval for the specific licence.

Conversion of national licences into JAR licences

It is not mandatory to convert the national licence into a JAR licence. A national licence is sufficient for flying Finnish-registered aircraft, whereas a JAR licence also entitles its holder to fly aircraft registered in other JAA states. A JAR licence is needed e.g. when working in another JAA country. JAR licences are maintained in the same way as national licences.