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Aircraft maintenance licences

The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority issues licences to aircraft maintenance staff. Today,
most of them are Part 66 licences.

JAR-66 aircraft maintenance licence

A JAR-66 certifying staff licence can be issued to an applicant who has completed an approved training course in accordance with JAR-147 and acquired at least two years working experience in maintenance duties. The minimum age for licence holders is 21 years.

In the future, the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority will organise theoretical knowledge examinations to JAR-66 licence applicants. The examination will be based on the JAR-66 question bank maintained by the JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities). Besides satisfactory completion of the examination, the requirements will include working experience of at least five years, if the applicant has no previous technical training. The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority may reduce the experience requirement to three years for those applicants having received some vocational training in the technical field.

National maintenance mechanic licence

National maintenance licences can only be issued to those applicants having completed or started the relevant training course before 1 June 2001.

Conversion of national licence into a JAR-66 aircraft maintenance licence

A valid national maintenance mechanic licence can be converted into a JAR-66 licence, if it includes one or more type ratings for aircraft with an MTOW of not less than 5700 kg. A JAR-66 licence makes it easier to operate in other JAA countries, but is not mandatory for working abroad. According to the Joint Aviation Requirements, paragraph JAR-66.3, national licences must be converted into JAR-66 licences not later than by 1 June 2011. After this date, a national licence holder is no longer entitled to issue certificates of release to service. The establishment of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) within the EU probably speeds up the process, but the exact schedule is not known yet.