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Operating Licence

An Operating Licence, OL, is required for all transport of passengers, mail or cargo in an
aircraft for a charge or other remuneration, except for local flights. According to the EU
Council Regulation (2407/92) on licensing of air carriers, an operating licence can only be
issued to and held by an operator who has a valid Air Operator Certificate, which specifies
the activities covered by the operating licence.

The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority can issue an operating licence to a company whose principal place of business or registered office is in Finland. The company must be owned directly or through majority ownership by EU member states or by citizens of these states. Before an operating licence is issued, the Civil Aviation Authority will evaluate whether the company has sufficient financial resources to safely conduct the intended operations, and the financial status is continuously monitored.

An operating licence only remains valid as long as the company’s air operator certificate is valid; if the AOC expires e.g. because its validity period has ended, the operating licence is no longer valid.

Further information on the conditions for issue of an operating licence and the application procedure is given in Articles 4 and 5 of Council Regulation (EEC) No. 2407/92.