Training and licensingLicencesRatings and authorisations

Ratings, Authorisations and National ratings and privileges

A licence holder may acquire different ratings by undertaking supplementary training in
a specific area. Ratings are marked in the licence. More information on rating training
can be obtained from training organisations. The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority also
grants two main types of authorisations, namely flight examiner authorisations and some
instructor authorisations. The last letter of the abbreviation (E or I) shows which type is
in question.

The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority issues e.g. the following ratings:

- IR(A)/(H), Instrument Rating
- FI(A)/(H), Flight Instructor Rating
- IRI(A)/(H), Instrument Rating Instructor Rating
- CRI, Class Rating Instructor Rating (SPA, Single Pilot Aeroplanes)
- TRI(A)/(H), Type Rating Instructor Rating
- TR(A)/(H), Type Ratings
- AGRO, Agricultural Flight Rating
- RT, restricted radiotelephony privileges

Ratings associated with air traffic controller licences:

- ADV, Aerodrome Control Visual
- ADI, Aerodrome Control Instrument
- APP, Approach Control Procedural
- APS, Approach Control Surveillance
- ACP, Area Control Procedural
- ACS, Area Control Surveillance

Ratings associated with flight information service officer certificates:

- AFIS, Aerodrome Flight Information Service
- CLRD, Clearance Delivery
- FIC, Flight Information Centre
- RTF, Radiotelephony

Ratings associated with aircraft maintenance licences:

- RT, type ratings and taxi ratings

Flight instructor ratings associated with sport aviation licences:

- FI, Flight Instructor
GP, Glider Pilot
MGP, Motor Glider Pilot
UP, Ultralight Pilot
AG, Autogiro Pilot
BP, Balloon Pilot


A flight examiner authorisation signifies that the Flight Safety Authority has given that person a right to conduct various skill tests and proficiency checks on its behalf. These tests are comparable to e.g. driving tests to be taken after completing driving school.

The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority issues e.g. the following flight examiner authorisations:

- FE(A)/(H), Flight Examiner
- TRE(A)/(H), Type Rating Examiner
- CRE(A), Class Rating Examiner
- IRE(A)/(H), Instrument Rating Examiner
- SFE(A)/(H), Synthetic Flight Examiner
- FIE(A)/(H), Flight Instructor Examiner

The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority issues the following instructor authorisations:

- SFI(A)/(H), Synthetic Flight Instructor
- FIFI(A)/(H), Flight Instructor Flight Instructor (an authorisation to act as flight instructor on a flight instructor course)

Authorisations for sport aviation examiners:

- GP, Glider Pilot Examiner
- MGP, Motor Glider Pilot Examiner
- UP, Ultralight Pilot Examiner
- AG, Autogiro Pilot Examiner
- BP, Balloon Pilot Examiner

National ratings and privileges

In addition to the ratings and authorisations based on JAR-FCL, JAA member states may issue national ratings and privileges at their own discretion. In Finland, the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority issues national privileges for forest fire patrol flight instructors, and aero-tow ratings required for towing gliders. Further information on these privileges is given in Advisory Circular OPS T2-100 (pdf, in Finnish) and Aviation Regulation PEL M2-6 (pdf, in Finnish).