Training and licensingAviation medicineRevalidation of medical certification

An aeromedical examination for revalidation may be made 6 weeks

before the medical certificate expires

The medical certificate must be revalidated at specified intervals. By visiting an
authorised medical examiner in good time before the certificate expires, you can make
sure that it remains valid without interruption.

The validity period for a medical certificate varies from six months to five years, depending on the holder’s age and the class of the certificate. By arranging for an aeromedical examination in good time, you can make sure that a new medical certificate will be issued before the previous certificate expires, and you may continue flying without interruption.

For revalidation of a current medical certificate, an aeromedical examination may be carried out 45 days (six weeks) before the certificate expires, in which case the validity period of the new certificate is still calculated from the expiry date of the previous medical certificate. The busiest time at the Aeromedical Section of the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority, as regards handling applications for medical certificates, is from March to June. During this period, applications are normally handled within two weeks of the date of receipt. If the application must be completed or some supplementary information requested, a longer handling period must be allowed.