Finnish Civil Aviation Authority Safety development

Occurrence reporting promotes safety

Serious flight safety incidents are very rare in Finland. Depending on the severity of the incident,
the case is investigated either by an investigation commission set up by
the Accident Investigation Board (AIB), or by the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority’s
specialists from different sectors. The investigation aims to determine why the incident
occurred, and gives recommendations to prevent similar incidents from recurring.

The Finnish flight safety system and operational culture are of a high quality. Attention is paid even to minor occurrences. Any occurrences or minor incidents in aviation are reported to the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority, which handles the reports and compiles statistics on aviation accidents, aircraft damage and incidents. Where necessary, suggestions to improve flight safety are made on the basis of these reports. The level of flight safety is continuously monitored by means of statistics and operational evaluation.

Any accidents, serious incidents and occurrences in civil aviation within the Finnish territory shall be reported in accordance with aviation regulation GEN M1-4. More information about the reporting procedure on our netpages.

The Accident Investigation Board mainly investigates accidents and serious incidents. It considers the need for investigation case by case. Investigation reports of aviation accidents and incidents can be read on the AIB’s website. The reports also contain safety recommendations.

The obligation to report applies to air operators and to anyone with duties affecting flight safety. Its only purpose is to improve flight safety. According to the Finnish Aviation Act, authorities may not take legal action on account of an unplanned or unintentional offence which comes to their knowledge only because of mandatory reporting, except in case of gross negligence or an act punishable under criminal law.

The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority also takes account of the AIB’s investigation reports and estimates the need for regulatory action.