PassengersSecurity inspections

The security inspections of passangers

Security inspections at Finnish airports are controlled and supervised by the Finnish Civil
Aviation Authority. Security checks apply to passengers and their luggage, as well as to
companies operating at the airport and to cargo and mail carrying airlines, forwarding
companies and all persons working at the airport. Airlines must, for example, draw up
their own security programmes, so that they can demonstrate how they are taking care
of security matters. The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority also supervises the training of
security inspectors.

Regular security inspections began in Finland in 1975. Following the events of September 11th, 2001, aviation security has been tightened both in Finland and abroad. In September 2002, security inspection procedures for air passengers and their hand luggage were harmonized in Finland to conform with European practice. At the beginning of 2003, one hundred percent security checks of all cargo hold luggage were instituted at all Finnish airports.

Legislation and statutes : (Link to Finlex website. Search by Act or statute name or number)

* Aviation Act (1242/2005)
* Act on Transport of Dangerous Goods (719/1994)
* Decree on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by air (210/1997)

CAA decisions (only in finnish or swedish):

* EU Commission's harmonised list
* The CAA decision on security control of passengers’ luggage, 6/2002 (pdf in Finnish)