PassengersSecurity inspectionsInternational regulatory bodies for security inspections

International regulatory bodies for security inspections

International Civil Aviation Organisation, ICAO
The ICAO has issued a set of standards concerning the safeguarding of civil aviation against illegal
acts and the transportation of dangerous substances by air, among other things. The ICAO maintains
a list of objects and substances which it is forbidden to carry by aircraft, or for which carriage is
strictly controlled. The list is about the size of a telephone directory for a fairly large town, so it is
not practicable to distribute it to every passenger. Security instructions for passengers can be found
in Security inspections of passangers on the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority's website.

European Civil Aviation Conference
The ECAC has drawn up guidance for the harmonization of security inspection procedures in different countries. Audits will be carried out at airports in the member states to see how the airports conform to the ECAC security standards.

European Union, EU
The EU has issued security directive 2320/2002 (pdf, 15 KB) concerning security inspections for passengers, their luggage and cargo carried by aircraft.