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Skill test and proficiency check

A skill test or proficiency check is required to obtain or revalidate a licence or rating,
or to renew an expired licence or rating.

Skill test means a demonstration of skill for the issue of a new licence or rating. The skill test also
includes an oral and/or written examination held by the flight examiner.

Skill tests for new commercial pilot and airline transport pilot licences, flight instructor ratings, flight examiner ratings, instrument ratings and/or multi-engine class ratings must be performed with one of the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority’s flight examiners. The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority’s examiner is also required to conduct proficiency checks for revalidation or renewal of a flight instructor or flight examiner rating. Alternatively, the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority may assign an authorised flight examiner for each skill test separately.

Skill tests for private pilot licences may be conducted by any flight examiner authorised by the Flight Safety Authority (pdf) without a specific authorisation for the skill test in question.

Proficiency check means a demonstration of skill for revalidation or renewal of a licence or rating. The flight examiner will also question the applicant orally and/or in writing.

No specific authorisation is required for proficiency checks. They can be conducted by any examiner authorised by the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority, in accordance with his/her letter of authorisation. However, the flight examiner must hold a valid licence equal to that for which the proficiency check is to be conducted, and any ratings needed for the check flight. He/she must also have the privilege to instruct for this licence or rating and be qualified to act as pilot-in-command of the aircraft used for the proficiency check.

Skill tests must be booked by the training approval holder. The bookings are made to the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority, except for private pilot skill tests. Skill tests for private pilot licences must be ordered from an authorised flight examiner.