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Sport aviation

The term "sport aviation" refers to glider and powered glider flying, ultralight flying,
autogiros, ballooning, hang gliding, paragliding, and parachuting. Sport aviators generally
maintain their equipment themselves, and in some cases even build them.

The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority grants construction permits and modification approvals for amateur-
built aircraft, approves new sport aviation aircraft types, and issues special approvals to vintage aircraft.
Sport aviation issues are handled in co-operation with the Finnish Aeronautical Association (SIL) (only in Finnish), which also carries out annual inspections of sport aviation aircraft.

Contact details of the Finnish Aeronautical Association:
Finnish Aeronautical Association, Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 00700 Helsinki
Tel. +358 9 3509 340 and +358 9 3509 3432
Fax +358 9 3509 3440