PassengersAirline traffic right restrictions

Information to passengers about airline traffic right restrictions

The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority can restrict an airline’s traffic rights if severe
deficiencies are found in the flight safety of the airline.

International civil aviation is governed by the Chicago Convention. Under the Convention, the
International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) is responsible for establishing minimum safety
standards which contracting states are required to implement. States are required to recognise the
certificates issued by other contracting states unless they have reason to believe that they have not been
issued in accordance with ICAO standards. ICAO also audits contracting states' aviation authorities to help identify and address any deficiencies in the implementation of international standards.

Any airline from outside the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland which wishes to pick up or put down passengers or cargo in Finland requires a permit from the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority. It is a condition of the permit that the airline should be operated in accordance with international safety standards established by ICAO.

If we have doubts about whether an aircraft or airline complies with international safety standards we will arrange for the aircraft to be inspected. Permits may be refused, and existing permits suspended or revoked by CAA Finland. This may occur where there is a breach of a permit condition, which would include non-compliance with international safety standards; however action can also be taken for reasons other than safety. Permit decisions will be reviewed in the light of new information or changed circumstances.

Further information

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