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Training approvals

Instructors who provide flight training or related theoretical training, including training
for professional categories (air traffic controllers, flight information officers and
maintenance mechanics) are required to have a valid training licence from the Finnish
Civil Aviation Authority or training organization approval, with the exception of a few
small-scale exceptional training circumstances.

The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority which grants the permits and approvals acts as a kind of consumer body on behalf of the trainee, endeavouring to ensure, for example, that the flying school

- has the appropriate staff, classrooms and equipment (aircraft, ground practice equipment)
- arranges the training from a flying establishment suitable for the purpose (e.g., with the necessary first aid and firefighting equipment, telephone, wind direction indicator, a vehicle suitable for transporting an injured person, and radio equipment for communicating between the ground and the aircraft)
- has the necessary written material available for distribution to and learning by the pupil
- that the training is arranged safely and that the aircraft are fitted with the extra equipment required for basic training
- curricula must be of a high standard (approval is required)
- flying instructors must have the appropriate training and authority (a valid flying instructor’s certificate).