Finnish Civil Aviation Authority About CAA FinlandValues, vision and operating philosophy

Finnish Civil Aviation Authority


By issuing regulations and overseeing aviation, we maintain the safety of aviation in Finland at the
high level achieved in technologically developed countries. High safety standards stem from our
sense of responsibility, professional expertise and co-operation with interest groups.


We work systematically to achieve our objectives. We make the best use of our resources and continuously seek to improve our working procedures.

Providing good service to our customers is essential to us. We act consistently, equally, reliably and flexibly. We respond quickly and effectively to customer feedback.

We act together to reach our common goals and respect each other’s work. Our co-operation is based on dialogue, openness and mutual trust.


The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority is a well-known and respected operator in the field of aviation, both nationally and internationally.

We promote high safety standards and good operating conditions in Finnish aviation.

We are a motivating, developing and well managed working community for experts.

Operating philosophy

We act as the civil aviation authority of Finland. We ensure the general safety of aviation and handle issues related to air traffic and smooth air traffic flows. We also deal with environmental issues and participate in international co-operation in the field of civil aviation.